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Beautiful weather for hiking…


…and photography. Or especially photography, as I thought when we made our way up to Munkebu hut, one of the huts from the norwegian trekking association on the Lofoten islands.

While it certainly is better to actually see where you are going while hiking, fog can make for some interesting photo opportunities. The hike to Munkebu is just a few kilometres, but due to the fog the path wasn’t always that easy to follow.

As you can see on the first, foggy, image, we maybe had about 20 metres of sight. I do like this first image more because of the atmosphere it has.  The first hut which is closer to the viewer is actually just a smaller hut for equipment. Behind you can see the shape of another hut, which is barely visible. This is Munkebu hut, which was our goal for this day.

The second image was made the day after. It was great to finally see the surroundings and the mountain scenery! But of course this kind of mysterious atmosphere also was gone. Actually a great example of how different one place can look due to changing weather.

A foggy path

A foggy path

While I wouldn’t encourage anyone to go hiking in the mountains in bad weather, the Lofoten islands offer some great hikes and I can only recommend to travel to this destination. It might get crowded in the summertime, so consider if you have the possibity to travel before or after peak season.

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