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Happy new year!

A happy new year to everyone! 2015 has been a step forward for my photography and I will also in 2016 work on improving it further. This is to a great deal due to the support from the amazing people over at the Arcanum. It’s a great education platform for photography, and I recommend you to try this out if you want to improve your photography, too.

This website has been online for a short time now, but so far I am satisfied with how it develops. The goal is to present my photography to a wider audience and through short articles show the beauty of the landscape in arctic Norway and impressions from my travels to other places. On the other hand this is also a learning experience for me, both photographically and in managing a website. So things are not perfect, but I will try to improve step by step.

For 2016 I will continue to work on this website and hope to make it a valuable resource for people interested in photography and landscapes of northern Norway. I will also write an overview about the experiences I made so far with photographing the northern lights. Maybe you are also interested to visit this area to shoot the aurora? If you haven’t done it, it can be an amazing experience. And who knows, maybe there will even be workshops related to this topic in the not so distant future.

It am also excited how the collaboration with Aurora skycam continues, a great project which is about livestreaming the northern lights with high quality cameras. I think it hasn’t be done before on such a big scale. I am going to write an update on this project when things progress.

Apart from this there will of course be new images shown on this site and my social media page. Right now we are in the middle of the arctic winter and I want to show this beautiful time of the year through my images.

The image above was taken a few days after christmas during a short holiday. It was taken while on the road from Alta to Karasjok, it should be at Trangdalsvatn (vatn = lake). What really interested me in this moment was the fascinating light. The sun still does not rise above the horizon, but there can be some amazing light which is typical for the area north of the polar circle. The rather intense light is also due to the Fuji Velvia film simulation I used here.

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