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Aurora and Landscape Photography in Northern Norway

The old pier in Kongsfjord

A sad development for many fishing villages in northern Norway, but a playground for every photographer and artist. I don’t know when this pier was last used, but you can see it has to be many years ago.

I tried many angles on this subject, and this was one of the photographs I was quite satisfied with. It’s not far from the shore, and I waited until it was low tide and went into the water with my wader boots. Setting up the tripod in water is tricky, as keeping balance in water is not that easy. Additionally, the water was well below 10°C, which made standing there for several minutes uncomfortable. But I’m glad I did this, as you get a different angle on this pier than from land.

If you should travel to this part of Norway, I can recommend staying at Kongsfjord Gjestehus, which is a lovely renovated guest house and has great food.

If you prefer to stay in a house with a bit more space, I can recommend Lovisenborg brygge from my friend Dag.

See this image on 500px. 

I have made many black and white photographs the recent months, which I plan to show here on my homepage. Most are from northern Norway, some are from travelling in various other countries.

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