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Aurora borealis

I have not taken many aurora images this winter so far, but this one was one of the last in 2016. We stayed for a couple of nights in a hut in the Pasvik valley, near the Pasvik national park.

For the ones interested, you can book this hut here. But be aware that you need to ski to the hut in winter, about 9 km from the main road.

The image might seem exaggerated when you look at the colours, but there is actually not that much postprocessing done. I even dialed that green colour down, as it was too intense in the original version. The challenge with northern lights images is that the camera sees differently than you do. In reality you will seldom see colours as intense as in this image. But the human eye does not see colour well in darkness, and the camera shows all the colour which there is, but we’re not able to see it like this.

So is this image unrealistic then? As always, it depends. It does not show what humans are able to see, so in a way it is not showing “our” reality. But it shows us the northern lights which isthere, just that the technology of modern cameras is better able to capture the colours in these scenes.

You can see more images like this here.


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